Sunday, August 13, 2017

MFT Color Challenge 75

I loved the colors of the MFT Card Challenge 75, so I thought I'd try to make a card for my mom.  She's been so busy lately with my dad's illnesses and my brother's home buying and has been neglecting herself.  I keep telling her to slow down and take some time for herself as well.  She doesn't listen very well.  lol  If you've followed my blog, you know my mom loves quilting.  I have several quilt dies to make cards for her. This is the MFT Diagonal Quilt die and a set I picked up in their big sale, Let's Get Cozy.  They work so perfectly together! 

Before I end, I just wanted to say thank you for all who visit and leave comments.  I've fallen out of the blogging world since I've had Laila and haven't been that good at visiting and commenting on the blogs I used to follow.  I'm thinking that next month may be the end of blogging for me and I'll just go back to uploading cards to Splitcoast or on Flickr.  It seems silly and selfish to keep trying to do this when I don't have time to visit and participate with other bloggers.  

And finally, I'll share my photography helper.  :) 


  1. Call me selfish, keep on blogging I have followed you since you were pregnant I love your cards and hearing about your family xxx

  2. Oh Rita, that makes me so sad. I always look for updates from you before all others. I Love your cards and personal updates. You make me happy. I'm not good about posting regular comments, but please know how important you are to us.

  3. If blogging makes you happy then keep doing it. If it doesn't then stop. I for one look forward to reading your blog and I don't read many. You also make beautiful cards and I love the butterfly garden! Hope you have a good day!

  4. Oh, Rita, I love this card and really thank you for your inspiration! I have this die and (obviously) used to be a quilter, so quilts will always be near and dear to me. I am sorry that you will slowly stop blogging, but I understand. There is just so much time, and with Laila these are important years to be a mom! I now giggle when I see this sweet kitty, because it had it intrigued by what she was in. It ended up in my looking into (once again) a photo box...and my DH got me a new one for my birthday. So thanks for that (but who would have guessed, right?)! Haha! I will have to remember your SCS user name and be sure to follow your cards there. I know that's why I found your blog. Hugs!


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