Wednesday, October 11, 2017

OCC: Merry Making

One more witch and I swear I'll give you a break. :) I signed up to take a new class at Online Card Classes this week and it's all about holiday cards. I am just not in the Christmas mood because it is still 90 degrees! So, I'm improvising. :) This is my day one homework. I'm a bit behind of course. lol
Story of my life these days. 

Laila and I went to a little class at the library after school and made slime! Ours didn't work so well, but we brought it home and I managed to fix it. She had such a blast. She's had two good days at school, so that was nice to hear tonight. Her teacher has been great about keeping in touch with me.  Next week we will have her 504 meetings to work on ideas to make her more successful. I have a lot of research to do before then.

Now I'm off to bed with Doctor Sleep. I have felt yucky mentally today, so a book and my quilt sound perfect for tonight. Anyone else a Stephen King fan? This one is all about the little boy from The Shining and his life as an adult. I can read it at night, but I can't say that about the first one. *shudder*

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