Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Fine and Beautiful

Here's another card from the card kit. It comes with this pretty cards, I'm guessing they are like Project Life cards, and they make creating pretty easy. I didn't have to stamp anything on this one. :) It has so many of them and that makes it hard to use up the kit!

Our library has some of the best programs. Once a month they have a group of ladies who have therapy dogs some in so the kids can read to them. It's more petting them, but it's fun. Laila is a little timid around some of the loud or large dogs, but she loves Dakota. Dakota's mom also has a beagle named Scout and that's Laila's favorite. She just happened to be a little under the weather this month.

Yesterday at the new program was awful. I am hoping it is better today. It's feeling like we made a big mistake agreeing to it. :/ It has yet another reward system to help with behavior and those are useless with her. With the way it's going, there would be no way they'd let her go back to her school after the 10 days. I don't know the maximum time they can keep them, but she's the only girl and maybe even the youngest. Someone asked about autism testing. I've asked and asked and all the professionals say no. Her testing last year included testing for that and they said no as well. I did read some about it showing up once the ADHD was under control, so we'll see I guess. Most of the testing was developed around boys and it tends to present different in girls. I do feel that it's more than what we've been told so far, but I don't know what. The special ed evaluation that's due next month may have more answers or lead to more questions. It does seem that we (school, teacher, us) all agree that she does need someone with her, but I'm guessing that would only happen if she is granted an IEP. I don't know. It's such a process to try and get your kid the help they need. They don't make it easy at all. I see why people end up hiring advocates to navigate the process.

I'm off to try and create a bit before it's time for pickup. I cried all evening after picking her up yesterday, so let's hope this evening is better.

Edited to add a picture we got from one of the specialists:
I like to see her smiling. :)

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  1. This card is beautiful. It reminds me of something you'd see at a wedding.

    I'm so sorry yesterday was bad for Laila. Give it time. Like a lot of time. I'm a para-educator in a special ed class (in Seattle), and I've seen how hard it is for kids to adjust to a new setting like this. Laila's new teachers have the training to help her, that her general ed teacher did not have. Obviously I don't know Laila, but it sounds like she may finally be in the correct place. Don't think of the behavior class as a bad thing, or a punishment. It's just a different kind of learning environment. I've seen kids do terribly in general ed, then thrive when moved to a behavior program. Sending lots of love and good thoughts for both you and Laila.


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