Saturday, July 21, 2018

Dog Explosion

Ever make one of those cards that you just can't wait to send??  We made a new friend during our trip to Kentucky and she had the three cutest dogs. I wanted to send her a little care package, so I had to include a card of course. :) I tried my best to color the dogs to look like hers. Yorkies are beyond my capability, but I tried. lol The dogs are from Lawn Fawn.

The inside has explosion stamped all over it. When we spent the night with her, Laila didn't get to see the dogs until the next morning. They pretty much exploded out of the bedroom all crazy and she was laughing saying it was like a dog explosion. We had fun laughing about that the whole trip. That was a pretty accurate description.  lol

Can I ask a huge favor from those of you who have Facebook?  Laila took some pictures this week with my DSLR and got this shot. She's entering it in a gardening photo contest to try and win a gift card. She's currently in second place, which is still a winner, but she's only like 11 likes out of first place. That's the difference of $100!!  If you have time to like it, you can find it here. Thank you!! We also have another junior photographer contest to enter at one of our favorite nurseries, so I need to print it and get a mat for it. I'm so proud of her. :)

Are you ready for Shark Week?

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