Saturday, January 5, 2019

Kindred Chewy Gingerbread

I totally forgot to post the cards I did make in December. I got a cute set for National Gingerbread Day from Kindred Stamps and it has the most adorable images. I'll share Chewy with you first. He's hard to color!!  I didn't do him justice, but had fun. Now I'm ahead on my cards for that holiday for this year. lol Those funky scissors from Stampin' Up! came in handy!

Laila loves my brother so much. He doesn't have kids, but he's so good with her. We went to visit him at work one day when we were in Kentucky and she just plopped herself down ready to learn what all about what he was doing. She couldn't wait for him to get off work so that he could come by mom's and visit before he went home. I love them together. She cried so much when they had to say goodbye. I wish he lived closer.

I'm off to set up our new board game. I just finished my daily walk not long ago and got my dishes washed up. Tomorrow is a big day of cleaning out kitchen cabinets and drawers! Declutter and organize 2019!


  1. Oh my gosh, Chewy is so cute! Your coloring is always amazing. I wish I had half the talent you do. Sweet picture of Laila with your brother.

  2. I don't understand why you think you didn't do Chewy justice -- I think this is the cutest card going -- love the scissors and it makes so much sense with Chewy! Awesome card!


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